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Dizzy while getting labs drawn

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Hey poz people gotta question for everyone and maybe you can help me out,

anyways I had my labs taken today (7am) and they took eight (8) tubes of blood

well normally im fine with like 4 tubes but after that I started sweating and getting

dizzy and almost passed out, this never happened before and just curious of what it

could be...  I have plenty of tattoos so its not the giving blood or needle thing.. also

later on that day about 2pm I almost passed out at first I got extremely dizzy and

had to sit down for a little bit. anyone have a clue??

hehe no worries man, some people just have more of an inclination towards fainting when blood is being drawn than others. If you know you might have this problem next time, just sit down, allow them to draw blood and sit down for a while afterwards. Also do not look at the needle, this might help.

Were you fasting?  If so, that would be the best bet.  Even if you weren't officially fasting, I doubt you had eaten much by 7am.  When you got dizzy again at 2pm, had you eaten much? 

yeah my case worker told me to not eat anything after 10pm last night and had labs

drawn at 7am... didn't eat anything else untill lunch witch was a small sandwich and

a salad, thats probably what it was with the whole not eating thing until labs were


hehe well, don't listen to me too much...I used to be a heroin addict. Needles do not really bother me hehe


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