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Serotonin questions

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Modified the post to ask if anyone has had any luck with naturally changing their serotonin levels. 


--- Quote from: wolfter on March 13, 2013, 12:05:41 PM ---anyone has had any luck with naturally changing their serotonin levels. 

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Basically eat right, sleep and exercise...

Barring that I suppose some of the anti-depressants act on Serotonin levels.
Although this wouldn't be considered "natural". Neither would X which rapidly releases ALL of the Serotonin into the blood, which is amazing but creates problems afterwards, and is illegal.

But I guess the biggest thing would be exercise. You'd be amazed how well you feel after a nice jog or run.

doesn't endurance aerobic exercise bathe the brain in serotonin?  All those years I was a daily long-distance runner I also felt a lot of bliss.....

I guess I'm just in a rut as I can't do any of the things you mention.  I've noticed a marked decline after not being able to do my normal exercise routines.  I'm trying to take the easy way out without addressing the underlying issues. 

I've been doing endless research hoping there's an answer to why I'm so ridiculous in my thought patterns. 

It's getting so tirelessly old pretending that everything is OK after dealing with with this virus for so long.  I used to have such an optomistic outlook in spite of this virus, but am noticing lately that the outlook has faded.

And then to read about people who fought so long and hard and then give up has me worried about my own mental health.  I so hoped this would end up being a another thread, as it's so important.

I'm not even sure what I'm rambling about out so I'll stop now.  I do appreciate all the support I've rec'd here and truly hope everyone achieves that positive mental attitude that I've always advocated.

much love and respect to you all.


Dearest Wolfie,
You will get through this funk.
I think many most of us LTS go through periods of depression.
Since I began seeing a Psychiatrist last fall, I can't honestly say that my mood has remained stable but there seems to be a release of sorts that make it easier.

While advice of exercise is well intended and often can help, it often frustrates me for many reasons.
First of all you are still healing from your injury.
Next, (and a big issue for me) is simply being too tired so often due to ??
Depression also zaps energy.
Many (including doctors) add to the problem by applying guilt.
It would be nice to have health professionals at least aknowledge that the virus and/or the meds play a MAJOR role in why we feel like we do.

I went outside today to survey the damage of our trees from the last snow storm.
(the snow is almost all gone :).)
All I could think about was how hard it will be to clean up the mess and the energy required.
The garden has been a life long passion of mine and it frightens me to even think of it in a negative way.
It's my new reality.
Having said that...
I'm sure once the weather warms up a bit I will struggle through it as best I can.

OK, now I am rambling. ::)

You are not alone.

Take care and call me anytime.



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