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I was diagnosed in 1987 and I know that I was exposed in Jan 1985, I was sick as a dog for 2 day with bad flu symptoms. I had spent the weekend with a very sick guy.
Now.. I have been on and off drugs for the past 15 yrs or so. In the past 7 yrs it seems like I am having Pancreatitus every 4-6 months. I stop the med and it stops.  I was in the hospital some 6-8 months ago with pancreatitus and they never have my meds so I don't take them till I get home. Last time I got home started back after 5 day off and started hurting again. So I quit. Have not hurt since. But have got to have something, my cd4 is 232 and vl is over 31000. The clinic I go to, the Dr walked out, he was replaced by another one. I don't trust him. He put me on Isentress, Truvada, which I don't think I have a problem with but he also added Selzentry 300 mg twice a day. Everytime I take it I get so sick at my stomach I could die, then puke my guts out. It seems to be the normal dose for this but, would it not be easier on me to take 150 1 a day then 2 aday and up to the needed dose. I have been off everything for a while and to jump back in with all this seems to be a bit much. Feels like it anyway, I have had a heart attack several years ago at 47, then had to have another stent this past summer, I never smoked and drank very little on the w/e's and don't do any street drugs either, honest. Heart diease runs in my family but I thought I would get by it, well I didn't. The heart meds, interfere with the stomach med which interfere with the hiv meds, and the cholesterol med. I am in a damn what do I do?  This Dr that I did see seemed to be great and Knew what he was doing. I am going to try to get back in with him at his new office. This new Dr old me to take this till my geneo came back, I don't think you just take something till... you get immune to those posions very easy. And the Selzentry from what I have read and understand is for the last resort, I think it should be saved till nothing else works for me...  I would greatly welcome you input. Plz and thanks.

I also didn't say if it matters my Testosterone level just barely exist. I am on the 1.62 topical, and another dr has me on 1.5mg injection weekly but I get so tire of needles every week, I have been stuck so much it looks like I would be leaking everywhere.

Hi Chris,
Have you tried a different doctor or a different clinic? Is there a Medical School clinic in your area? They could also give you something to combat the nausea.

If none of this works, take the Truvada & Isentriss and forget about the Selzentry for a few days until you feel better. How's your weight? mindset? If you can afford to lose some weight, take the Selzentry with just saltines & water so you won't be throwing up nutritious food. You'd be surprised, you might just keep it down.
Hugs from Provincetown, Deibster


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