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I had an HIV test the other day and I did not see the nurse change the lancet needle. If the needle was used on an infected person and then on me, could I have been infected? It was a lancet needle for the rapid finger prick test. I understand that just because I did not see her chnage the needle doesn't mean she didn't...however living in New York I have heard many incidents (and know of one personally) where needles have been reused. I am just trying to find out of there is a high risk of transmission from lancet needles...I am quite worried. Please help!

Please shut the pole down. It's not allowed in the "Am I Infected' forum. Read the "Welcome" thread. You did not get poked by a used lancet, nor are you going to be infected. You wouldn't get symptoms in days after exposure. Which is nill in your case because you didn't have an exposure. 

Andy Velez:
You're talking "HIV jitters" here -- what ifs and totally speculation, nothing grounded in HIV science.

Simply because you didn't see a nurse change a lancet needle doesn't mean she diverged from standard medical practices.

I don't know what is driving your concern but it has nothing to do with HIV for real.   

I understand that this is a "what if" situation...however I know that there are documented situations where needles are reused for whatever reason...I just wanted to know if in fact a lancet needle was used on a person infected with HIV and then used on me, could I then becom infected and/or how likely it is that I could become infected.

Post the documentation of needles be reused other than illicit drug users. Don't make a cover all statement such as this if you can not back it up. We have enough trouble in this forum with WW, without the spreading of untruths.


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