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PRP method - any restrictions ?

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A former athlete.

Due to a prolonged knee stress ( and maybe consequences of HIV status over 10 years ) both of my knees are worn out so to say. Ultrasound and X-rays has shown signs of mixed  patellar tendonitis and knee arthritis  , and a ruptured meniscus on one knee.

One of the very best resolving method  for this/those kind(s) of sport injury is PRP Plasma Rich Platelet method , which include injecting a concentrated source of autologous platelets  containing several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue in the  injured knee.

The technologies of this process include centrifugal devices  for extraction of the platelet cells  , glass tubes etc., etc.

And a question is: does my HIV status represent a threat to other users of the centrifugal devices ( who would use the same device after me ) , or to put that in a different perspective-  are there any legal and health contraindications for using this method for the HIV positive patients ?

Secondly  , although I visit this forum less that I would want to , again I would like to thank all the members that have helped me in my almost desperate times 6 years ago.
( Andy , Dachshund , RapidRod , rick21007 , Marc , ..... and all the others - sorry if I have left someone but you know who you are ....)
Greeting from Serbia

Its some sort of medical lab that mixes up this cocktail in the centrifuge?  And if so, wouldn't it be standard practice for equipment to be sterilised between every single use?  Why would HIV be more a risk than any other bug in anyone else's plasma?  ??? ??? ???

Yes mecch , good observation.....
Although I forgot to say that this question or dilemma include not only hivers but also a people with Hep C and all other kind of blood transmitted diseases....and the point really is : wouldn't it be standard practice for equipment to be sterilised between every single use? 
Here is link to one of the clinics that use this kind of therapy :

Hi Sasa. They should be sterilising any part of the centrifuge equipment that comes into contact with anyone's blood in between each and every use. Hiv isn't the only blood-borne pathogen out there and some - like hep B and C - are MUCH more contagious than hiv.

If you're at all worried, ask them about their universal precautions/sterilising procedures used concerning the machine - you have every right to ask. After all, you don't want someone else's hepatitis or other blood-borne disease.

Hope you're doing well otherwise. :)


Hi Ann,

"They should" are the key words....and if I ask them directly it may become suspicious , so I guess I would have to find a suptile way to resolve this...... I do not wanna rock a boat in a country where stigma is still strong enough.

Apart from some  arthritis flares ( due to a HIV drugs that I take  , years  and mileage) I `m doing almost well.

And of course you now that you belong ( with your sometimes strict but fair teacher attitude , which is justified on those forums ) to the group of my favourite persons here.



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