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Well Controlled HIV - Risks of Death No Higher Than Rest of Population...

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Just because a study can be misunderstood by the public or pop culture or people who need to misapply everything to their self, as they are the center of the universe and everything is about them.... doesn't mean the news of the study wrong, or useless. 
This adds to the complex and contradictory experiences of millions of people living with HIV. Its not simple, black and white, same rules apply to everyone. As the french say, voila.   Some people will experience the life reported in the study, some people will not. (Some women lunch at the Plaza, ski in St. Moritz, and buy expensive furs ever year....Some women have the Ritz Thrift Shop... Some don't have the Ritz Thrift Shop... >:()

 :)  Anyway I agree with commonground we'll have to wait and see.  But we all know people have all sorts of different experiences living with hiv so..... the more info about those differences... the better??


--- Quote from: Dr.Strangelove on March 12, 2013, 11:58:50 PM ---Thanks for the link.
That's good to know. I'll keep this article ready for those people who insist that despite ART I 'will get sick and die of AIDS eventually' *sigh*

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Yes, like, say, life insurance companies.

So much focus on quantity of life,  so little focus on quality.

I'd gladly trade years of life to feel again like I did before HIV.


--- Quote from: bmancanfly on March 13, 2013, 09:15:05 AM ---So much focus on quantity of life,  so little focus on quality.

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True that.


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