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Looking for previously posted Youtube links



Somewhere on the forum are posted links to youtube video's of guys who documented their life with HIV, when they first found out, updates how they were doing etc...I can't seem to find those in the forum again. I checked back in youtube links of they day and other places but no luck...does someone know where those particular posts are?



Do you mean forum members, who did YouTube videos, or just anyone poz?  I know one member posted videos about being poz, but he, sadly, died. 

This guy below does a vlog about poz life.  Once you go to the video, you can find all his others.  And, there are several.

And, this guy has been discussed here.  He does some YouTube videos about being poz.

Having worked in television, I always kinda wished I would have shot video of being told my dx, figuring out where to go for treatment, going to the first appointment, discussing my first combo, labs, etc.  I am still thinking about doing it.  When I was first dx'd, I mostly found people speaking into the camera about their life.  I couldn't find many, where they took you along to doc appts, ADAP appts, and all that.  It would have helped, because I had no clue what a WB was, what ADAP was, etc. 

If you are looking for specific videos, perhaps you could give more details. 

Yep. That's exactly what i was looking for!  Thanks very much. And I agree videos like that are very helpful to newbies.


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