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Hi, when you apply for a Green Card you need to do a medical inclusive HIV test.
Here in New York there are a lot of undocumented that get their medications free, I don't think it's ADAP that pay. It's also a organization that calls gay mens health crisis that have lawyer that can help with applications.

Hi,  I work at an ASO and have some undocumented clients.  They  receive their meds at no cost, through ADAP, or through the state high risk insurance, which will be transitioning to ADAP once the new healthcare law goes through. 

I do have a couple clients who became citizens after testing positive.  They both used lawyers in the Chicago area.  We really don't do immigration work at our ASO, other than getting people into care who are not documented, which we have quite a few of.

My client who has ADAP for her Atripla is getting medical care at a local low cost clinic.  In order for her to get ADAP I had to get a letter notarized that stated her address and income, since a person usually has to prove these to get ADAP.  At least in Indiana. By the way, we've had clients who have had a citizen claim them on a tax form, to prove address and income.  All the citizen has had to do is print out a tax form and fill it out; then I copy it and send it in.  Don't know if this is an option where you are, but it could be.  Also, clients have used utility bills to prove residency.

I agree, call an ASO asap.  They will be able to help you if they are worth their weight. 


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