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Recently diagnosed, should I start treatment by default?

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Hi all,
    I expect this question has been asked numerous times but suppose I just want a personal response, if that makes sense.

I was diagnosed in January 2013 and have got 2 blood results so far
10th Jan 2013 - CD4 = 507, CD4% = 19%, VL 1669
24th Jan 3013 - CD4 = 482, CD4% = 21%, did not take VL count

My next test will be 27th April to give a 3 month span between initial results.

I am reading a lot regarding recent advice that if you are diagnosed with HIV then you should go on meds straight away, why avoid what will ultimately be required anyway?

In my last visit to the doctor I asked should i go on meds regardless of my counts and she said there is no straight answer but the meds have impact on the body also and if the body can maintain health CD and VL it is probably best to defer the meds until they drop to recommended guidelines.

I am currently feeling generally fine and assuming no issues with compliance, side effects, safe sex etc I would appreciate some feedback on should i pust for meds on my next visit or continue with UK based recommendations (which would be 350 CD count to start meds).

Thanks in advance,

Welcome here.
What have you learned, or what do you feel, are the advantages/disadvantages of starting now?

And vice versa, what do you feel are the advantages/disadvantages of waiting....

Hi, thanks for welcome and reply.

I am just asking the question purely from a health/medical perspective, not lifestyle. There is an overwhelming volume of information on the internet and I am looking to hear other personal choices to help form my own. 

Taking lifestyle/mental advantages/disadvantages out of the equation (obviously they will factor into the decision making process), what should I do based on the most recent medical references?

I suppose I am thinking if I hear some personal stories and decisions that people have made based on similar blood counts as my own it will assist in helping me make mine.


If you're just asking opinions then, my opinion is to start as early as possible.

There is a plethora of medical news over the past few years each pointing to starting earlier.  Rarely if ever is the advice from the medical community to delay treatment.

I definitely wish that I had started earlier...purely from the fatigue side of things... I'm 8 years in.

All the best.



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