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Joe K:
I'm with Bugs and Jeff on this as well.  While all of this is new to you, learn how to read your body and understand how you feel physically and mentally.  Numbers change all the time, but unless your body is telling you something different, it doesn't mean that you aren't making progress.  It's very normal to fear becoming ill, especially after the rough start you have had.  But at some point, you have to stop looking at where you were and start planning for where you want to be.

Trust me, you aren't going to die today, tomorrow, or the next day... so what are you so afraid about?  Try to learn how to temper your fears by understanding what you body can tell you,  That way, when the numbers begin to float, you won't automatically assume you are getting sick.

It does get better... I promise.  It just takes time.


Stress can definitely lower those t-cells.  I've had it happen twice, thus far.  Most say the CD4 can fluctuate by 100 in a day.  On both occasions with me, I knew I would probably have a drop.  I was very stressed and my anxiety was much worse than normal, when I did my blood work.  Both times, mine dropped about 200 points.  But, they rebounded next time. 

After 4+ years post dx, I still worry about getting ill, especially when my numbers drop.  You've certainly had reasons to be stressed with moving, a divorce, work, and the lingering cold.  I bet once all that settles out, you're numbers will be back to where they were. 


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