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Impetigo down there - HIV related?

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--- Quote from: ds4146 on March 06, 2013, 09:10:56 PM ---Ugh, I feel for you Cojo! I had it this as a very, very young, a couple of years ago  :P

I am not sure which is worse, having it down there or on your face, which is where I had it. Of course kids being kids I was tormented but survived. Some fool suggested using corn starch to help with the issue and that only added to the ridicule.

Hope it gets better soon!

--- End quote ---

I had it on my face also. Extremely horrible.


I had bullous impetigo the same week I was diagnosed with HIV (@CD4 353).
It was in a form of supertiny vesicles/blisters at the base of the (facial) hair follicles.
(When I tried to shave myself, these vesicles would pop and bleed)
I used an antibiotic cream, and it went away in a few days...  ;)
It never came back (because I soon started taking meds, and my CD4 are always in the 700-1400 range). I was thinking of seeing my family doctor, but eventually I decided not to scare her away...

So how's it going, Cojo? It's been about ten days since you first posted this thread and you haven't replied once. It would be nice if you took the time to let us know how you're healing up, since some of us took the time to talk to you about it.

I'm not "getting at you", I'm genuinely interested to know if you're feeling better (as in more relaxed that it wasn't necessarily - and most likely was not - hiv related) and whether or not the infection has completely cleared up.

I always worry when someone posts about a problem that is obviously causing them stress (and pain or whatever) and then never follows up with a post to let us know how things turned out. I suppose it's the mother hen in me that makes me worry and suspect the worst.


Ann you are such a sweetie; you can "mother hen" me anytime as care can never offend me!
I have been off grid for about a week. I was on a trip and I decided that I just needed a break from it all ...I don't know if that resonates, but I just resisted logging in.
So the impetigo....
After about 6 days of antibiotic cream called bactobam, the lesions all healed up. What's odd is that I still have a very real and irritating presence of itching, burning a little pain intermittently when the skin rubs together. I have been putting gold bond powder on it and the menthol seems to help.
I have my labs in the next two weeks so if the tingling is still happening I will bring it up.
On the lab'll notice that my labs took quite a dip last time so I have apprehension a little more than usual...oh the joys of HIV


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