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Impetigo down there - HIV related?

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--- Quote from: Cojo on March 19, 2013, 10:13:38 PM ---
I have been off grid for about a week. I was on a trip and I decided that I just needed a break from it all ...I don't know if that resonates, but I just resisted logging in.

--- End quote ---

Resonates? It positively makes me quiver! I get it. Yes, I get it. Boy oh boy do I get it! ;D

I'm glad to hear the infection has cleared up, but it's weird that you're still experiencing a burning, tingling pain at the site. That sounds more like shingles (herpes zoster).

Thing is though, shingles normally only presents on one side of the body, and it sounds like you had it on both legs. Please do mention this lingering pain to your doctor.

(who will resist going off-grid - Jeff would have my guts for garters!)

LOL...thanks Ann, and hold tight to those garters!


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