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Impetigo down there - HIV related?

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I've had the unfortunate challenge of dealing with a rash and burning in the inner thigh, genital and back of the legs area for the last month now. When it first acted up, I just went to a walk in clinic and all was well until the doc heard me say " HIV " at which point she said " well then it could be anything...see your own doctor" and she gave me a cream with a corticosteroid and anti-fungal in it in the interim. Didn't work and the rash spread and blisters popped up and burst all over the area - ouch!

I went to my own doc who thought it was fungal (yeast) and gave me a cream called Clopax and took some scrapings for the lab.

A week later, he called and the lab confirmed impetigo and I have been using a bactobam cream (antibacterial) for a week now. The spots are all gone, but the skin is still itchy/burning.

So with a whopping 310 CD4's, I am concerned this is HIV related. I think this because I am generally anxious and fixated on my numbers being below 500 and from the reaction of the walk in clinic doctor. It also seems pretty stubborn to last this long.

Anyone with similar experience or insights?

I'm sure I replied to this once...

Anyway, I had impetigo when I was a teenager, I feel for you - it's gross. Your treatment only started when you got he antibiotic cream, the fungal cream will do nothing, so you've only had a week on the mend. If the blisters have cleared up then you should be fine I should think, the rest will clear up in due course. I can't remember how long it took for me to completely clear it but if its not shown notable improvement in the next week I'd get further advise from your doc.

Cojo, Impetigo is a highly contagious bacterial infection. While it is more common in children, it can also affect adults. Adults who play contact sports are particularly prone to it - and in a way, sexual contact can be classed as a contact sport. ;)

Impetigo is notorious for being slow-healing. None of this is very likely to be due to your hiv infection. It's just one of those bacterial infections that anyone can pick up who is unfortunate enough to come into close contact with someone who has the infection.

The bacterium that cause impetigo can remain viable on objects in the environment for short periods, so it is also possible to pick it up from gym equipment or sharing towels, razors or other personal care items.

You should be carefully washing the area several times a day with an antibacterial soap, taking care to only use a washcloth or towel once on the area before washing them. You can spread impetigo around your body if you're not careful. Also make sure you wash your hands each and every time you touch the affected skin.


 I had a whole body  case of Impetigo , That was my  first clue I had
 turned  FULL BLOWN AIDS !

   After I started MEDS the Impetigo went away .

    The Volcanic Eruptions of my skin is something I will never forget  :'(

                                                     Weasel , Pimpole free now   :)

Ugh, I feel for you Cojo! I had it this as a very, very young, a couple of years ago  :P

I am not sure which is worse, having it down there or on your face, which is where I had it. Of course kids being kids I was tormented but survived. Some fool suggested using corn starch to help with the issue and that only added to the ridicule.

Hope it gets better soon!


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