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And is there a vaccine I can get for this damn HPV if I do have a strain of it? I know anyone can get hpv, hiv or not, but it seems like it would be standard for ID docs to offer the vaccine to hiv patients? Just seems bizarre that I could have had this damn thing forever and not known about it.

There is an HPV vaccine however, it is only approved for people less than 26 years of age (I think).   You can receive the vaccine off label, my doctor prescribed it for me.  However, I must tell you it did not get rid of my existing HPV issue so whether or not its worth it is your choice.  Insurance usually won't pay for it if its off label.  I don't remember the exact amount but it was about $300per shot (its a series of three shots).

I posted this in your other thread, you seem to have the same theme going on in a few different threads so I just cut and pasted this.  It's relevant here also.


You seem to be having a lot of anxiety regarding your HPV and anal issues.  It's possible that some of the aloofness you are receiving is because many colorectal specialist are not trained in anal dysplasia.  It's possible you are asking questions outside their expertise.

HRA's (High resolution Anoscopy's) which you have inquired about are only performed at a few medical centers in the country.  Many places don't do them yet. 

Here is a link to every (most all) providers in the United States that perform HRA's.  I don't know where you live but it's possible there is one close to you.  Find the closest one and make an appointment, hopefully there is one in your area.
a lot of the time finding the right specialist is half the battle.

Got my formal results of the pap test today and it came back saying I have a low-grade squamous intraepitheal lesion, lsil. It said glandular & metaplastic cells identified, acs-uc and lsil have significant risk of getting hsil and recommends I have a hi-res anoscopy.

Doc told me I do not have cancer, which is reassuring, and that most low-grade cases go away on their own or don't turn into something worse. Just have to stay on top of it. I am going to get a hi-res anoscopy soon. And another pap in 3-6 months. I did manage to get the HPV vaccine today, although I am over age 26, they still gave it to me. I have to go back in 3 months for a second shot, then 3 months later for the last shot. It is given in three different shots apparently.

Just relieved I don't have any tumor or cancer right now, and she also reassured me that many many men have LSIL and don't even know it.

Well I going through the same thing as you.  I have to say that we are being told VERY different things about HPV.

This is my understanding a pap only tell if you have abnormal cells.  The purpose of a hi-res endoscopy is to check and look at these abnormal cells and if they don't look good take a biopsy to determine if they will cause more problems. 

There are many strains of HPV.  I talked about getting the vaccine also, however it does cure your current strain of HPV.  The idea of the vaccine in women is to prevent these other stains, however my doctor tells me they study for men is ongoing right now.  He thinks it may be wise to try the vaccine, however there is no support research for men that it will work the same as women.  I am guessing this may be way insurance will not cover this vaccine for men over a certain age.

As for the cancer concerns it is also my understanding that it the purpose of the biopsy to determine what we are dealing with.  He show me the pictures of my exam and said that I have just two abnormal cell one on the posterior of the anus and one just inside.  AKA as gentail warts.  These will not just "go away" they would be remove.

Anyway just some information from my experience thus far.  I had my hi-res endoscopy yesterday and my doctors tells me that I will have results of the biopsy in one week.

Miss Philicia:
aaware72, basically what you related is also what my colo-rectal specialist says (I've been having anoscopies done for almost a decade). I don't understand the point of doing repeated anal PAP smears if you're having routine anoscopies, but maybe my doctor has done them and I didn't realize it. I don't think so though.


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