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Medication in South Africa


I am a new member.  I have been positive since 2001 and am on meds, sustiva and kirvexa.   I am currently in the UK where there is free medication.  I plan to relocate back to South Africa and am wondering whether medication is also free there.  If meds are not free how costly are they.  Please can anyone who is familiar with the South African system help me?

Hi Wamai

I have knowingly been HIV for 6 years. I am from South Africa.

I take Atripla and I get it from my medical aid but if one buys medication it is +/- R500 for 30 tables. My doctor also prescribed D24 for me which if you buy 90 tables are +/- R150.

To answer your question yes free ARV's are offered in South Africa. You will need a letter of referral from your clinic or your doctor ; latest VL and CD4 count results and you will be offered medication.

You might need to brace yourself for the first month or so ;  that you might buy your medication whilst you are still trying to find a clinic, register and go through Department of Health process.

Do you know which province will you be staying in?

Regards and good luck.


Dear Happy 1976

Thank you for your response, you really made my day.  I am thrilled to hear that Medical Aid also covers medication.  I now have peace of mind with the knowledge that all will be well.  Yes I know the province I will be staying, I will be in the Gauteng province in Johannesburg. :)


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