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flu after oral

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In feb I had sexual contact with a guy i'd met... we both performed oral sex and although he didnt cum in my mouth he had a lot of precum.  We didnt have anal sex but i remember him pressing his penis against my anus ... he never entered.

Two  weeks later i start getting chills and back pain, this leads onto two days of high fever with headaches and then a couple of days of fatigue and dry sometimes productive cough... so basically exactly 2 weeks after sexual contact i develop a flu like illness (except without a sore throat)

Now im stressed, I thought I was being careful but thinking back maybe his precum got into my gums (i get bad gums) or cuts around my anus?  I asked him his status and he said that after developing a bad cold and cold sores his GP did a full std check on him earlier in year which all came back negative.. if the cold sores were because he was seroconverting and then he may not test positive yet have high levels of virus ??  which in turn could make my low risk activities high risk?  Does precum increase the risk on oral sex ?

You never had an exposure.

Thanks, when you say i had no exposure is that because he says he tested negative? What if he was lying or had become positive after?  Getting this random flu two weeks aftet seems a coincidence

Andy Velez:
No, Rod said "no exposure" because nothing you are reporting of your activities put you at risk for HIV transmission. The only confirmed risks for the sexual transmission of HIV are unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse. As long as condoms are always used properly for those activities you will be well protected.

What someone tells you about their HIV status is never something you ought to base your choices about what is safe to do with that person. Even a well meaning person may not know their accurate HIV status. So you should never be doing anything that puts you at risk. And as long as you consistently use condoms you will be well protected against HIV.

Since the flu like illness I've had severe fatigue and diarrhea so I'm assuming the worst - I'm guessing a combination of him having lots of pre cum, my bleeding gums and him having a high viral load means i've been unlucky.

Can I assume that if the flu was seroconversion then two weeks afterwards i'd have antibodies to show on the test?


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