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Anabolic Steroids/Testosterone

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I was thinking more like 250-500 mg per week but im not going to do anything until i am 100% sure its not going to compromise my health any further.
I need to research this further as this is all new to me.


--- Quote from: Whymeh on March 06, 2013, 06:02:17 PM ---I was thinking more like 250-500 mg per week .

--- End quote ---

Wow, this seems like alot! I'm on 200/IM testo cypionate every 2 weeks. But of course It's for medical reasons and not to put on bulk,  although I have put on muscle with this small amount.

There is no interaction with testo/HIV with the regimin I am on. But please talk to your doctor about any possible side effects of what you are contemplating.

I can be all preachy and tell you not to do it, but that wasn't your question  ;)

Good luck

As part of my HRT I use 200mg Test Cyionate and 300mg of deca durabolin every 10 days and I currently using Stirblid. 

here are some articles:

Anabolic therapy in patients with HIV infections, Gruzdev BM, Ivannikov EV, Gorbacheva ES, Ter Arkh. 1999;71(11):35-7

The use of anabolic agents in HIV disease, Gayle Newshan PhD ANP and Wade Leon ANP, International Journal of STD & AIDS 2001; 12: 141-144

You may want to research the herb Tongkat Ali for testosterone support. It works I've read by stimulating your body to produce more testosterone and blocking the negative feedback so testosterone levels in the body remain high, from your own testosterone.

Get some lab work done first then do a hormone replacement dosage or about 100-150mg/wk-- if you really need it, if you don't best not to mess with your


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