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I have recently been diagnosed as poz and trying to get on with my life as much as.
I work in the Fitness Industry and have a consistent workout history and have a healthy diet even pre diagnosis and have a pretty good build.
I want to know if anyone here has taken steroids/test while taking/not taking meds and if so what were the major side affects.

I know there are obvious sides to test but now i have HIV and feel i am completely out of my dept.

Any advice is greatly appreciated  :)

do you even know if you have low t?

Last check my t was normal range...i had planned to start a course even before i was diagnosed poz to put on more size  :) :)

not a good idea in my opinion.

Hi Whymeh
I started taking Test shots 100mg/ml once a week around 3mo's ago now which was 3 mo's after I started meds. 

I did have tests done that showed my Test levels were slightly below the normal range, so that's why the doc suggested I take it.

As far as side effects, I did notice a slight surge in irritability after a cpl weeks, but have not had any hair loss or pimples associated with it (I already had skin issues after I became positive). My nuts haven't shrunk or anything and trust me, I check regularly lol it's something I was concerned about.

From what I gather tho, the dose I'm on is relatively low and I think any major side effects like shrunken testicles would probably take some time to develop.  I'll keep an eye out nonetheless ;)

Other than's been ok.  In the beginning I thought I did notice a surge in energy..but it was also the same time when my VL was coming way down too so that may have had something to do with it...these days, I feel kinda tired and worn out so am going to talk to the doc about that this week.  I've been working out regularly and have definitely noticed some muscle gain though.

Hope that helps.


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