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LTS & alone - how does one keep going?

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Welcome from a fellow Ohioan.  Isolation is almost a distant reminder of this virus.  As we watched our entire rural communities dying, we didn't have the "big city" status to do anything.  We watched our loved ones die horrific deaths, and some of us became numb to that hurt and pain.

But, I truly believe that all of the LTS's have a unique ability to fight.  I also hope you'll find inspiration here like I have.  I came here in my darkest period and have mostly figured out how to move on and have an enjoyable life.  This is my wish for you this late evening also.

RWT It's very difficult when you find yourself isolated and alone. I live in the country far from any neighbors. My son went off to college and a few months later my husband went into the hospital and died from Toxoplasmosis and multiple other infections, that's when I learned I was pos. Suddenly I was alone and my health was deteriorating fast.I had to stop working and all I had were my dogs and cats. I think they were what kept me going, I had to take care of them and they took care of me in a way. I began to write and paint, I wrote 2 novels and painted gourds as xmas ornaments, anything i could do without exerting myself too much as I was losing weight constantly despite eating as much as I could fit in (there was only AZT back then) more folks came into my life, there was a support group for a while, but 2 moved away and the rest died. I've had many people ask me how do you live alone with this, all I can say is that I always have interests and things I want to get done, but I also hosted health chats on AOL for 5 years, so that added some human contact and support. I do drive so that gives me the ability to go places. I hope this helps , at least to know that there are people who understand.

Totally get where you are coming from.  Without getting into my specifics, I will say we have much in common.  Many times I wanted to just give up, but some inner strength kept pushing me along.  This forum has helped me tremendously as I hope it helps you.  Welcome, and remember you are never really alone.



I also live in a rural area, except mine is in New Mexico. The early years here were the worst, because everyone kept passing away with this.

I guess, now that I am going on 28 years officially with the bug, the only thing I can offer is to try to reach out to those you can.

This is a great site, as others have said. I found a lot of support here when I first arrived, and I really needed it.

Many here have now become fast friends, and are very dear to me.

So, try hanging around and see if you don't find this to be a nice place to begin to overcome the isolation you are feeling.




How far from Detroit?  I think a peer-supported road trip is in order if you're interested.


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