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LTS & alone - how does one keep going?

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Frankly, I've run into the same wall every 4 or 5 years.  It is a good idea to be involved, to find and do things you care about, so you on the right track.  Other, than that, I do not know.

I'm trying to develop my spirituality and creating huge challenges for myself to overcome. 

I'm alone, with a few friends, trying to start a forth career, looking friends in all the wrong places....

All I can say is....keep going.


--- Quote from: Jeff G on March 03, 2013, 04:27:42 PM ---Hi Rwt . I once asked that same question and then I found this forum . I credit the forum for saving a little bit of my mind that I was loosing for the living isolated , broke and feeling like I was the only one on the planet .

I hear what you are saying and I understand how hard it must be for you to find a way out of the isolation , so while you are working on a way forward , please know that there are always people here that are willing and able to lend an ear and offer support .

Im wishing you the best . Hugs , Jeff .

--- End quote ---
"...isolated, broke and feeling like I was the only one on the planet..."  When I read this I had to make sure it wasn't one of my posts! I fought and fought to survive. Now I wonder what the hell im going to do until I die. Im not getting any younger. People aren't exactly lining up around the block for a 41 year old hiv+ bipolar man living in poverty.

 I am faced with this also. My energy level is very low and it takes a certain amount of "feeling good" to want to enjoy the company of other humans. I am also more of an introvert personality and it takes a large effort for me to initiate relations.
I am a single man.
 I struggle ,energy wise, every day just to keep my home in order/clean and cook meals and care for my little dog. Having little income is a struggle as well.
 The Psychologist I see encourages me to "count my blessings" as I tend to look at the rest of the world and see such riches and high life in USA and feel that I am missing out. It is easy for me to wallow in my "poverty" however when I look at my life there are many small blessings that I forget about when I wallow in this "Poverty".
 Indeed if I count my blessings rather than see what others are doing, feeling like I am "missing out", ...I feel better.
For me this AIDS is a constant adjustment as illness, energy and loss come and go. Some days are better than other days for me. I have faced these adjustments for many years.
I giggle remembering some comedy show(Saturday Night Live?) and a skit titled... "Lowered Expectations"  ;D . And I wonder how high I set the bar for myself when I am Diseased with this Virus. I try then to remember to go easy on myself. Take one moment at a time and find something positive to think about or remember the joys of the past. Then I try to incorporate some joy in my day somehow. Some small pleasure. Sometimes that is enough, sometimes it is not.
None of us are alone in these feelings and I am a new member here and have found great comfort knowing I am not the only one who has these feelings/situation. Thank You everyone for your postings and honesty here in these forums as it is a great comfort to me.

Some time has passed and nothing has changed. My partner & I spending a lot of time alone together - not much money to do things, not many friends because you need money to do things and we have no car which limits us to the local bus service area. I've taken some steps to meet new friends for myself and my partner but so far it's not panning out -  People often treat you differently when the find out you are sick and on disability - I'm finding people just can't be bothered. I hope someday someone will prove me wrong. Feeling isolated.

This thread has many new voices so Welcome to all I have not greeted.

No magic answers I am afraid , I do know that loneliness can be as intense in the middle off the city as it can in the depths off the country. I am struck by the collective wisdom in this thread also I am wondering wether this epidemic off loneliness, isolation , poverty is about the age we live in, the expectations pumped out by the media we consume and the vast gap between that and the realities off most.

However I do know I will not be defeated and intend to have as full a life as possible and in some odd way this is what gets me through the worst times , and those times have been very bleak indeed.

So , all off you who have posted please come back with up dates , thoughts , create some energy even a drop created here can lead to something.

With love my dears


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