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Tommy, I can't help but wonder if your (now ex) partner has been swayed by hiv denialists.

If this is the case, you might want to make one last-ditch effort to make him see sense by directing him to the website. They do an excellent job of debunking the bullshit put out by denialists.

Hiv denialist remind me of fundamental "Christians" who cherry-pick verses from the bible to support their hate. They take biblical verses out of context and ignore verses they don't like.

For example, they cite certain passages in Leviticus to support their hatred of homosexuals, all the while ignoring passages that prohibit wearing clothing made from more than one fabric.

Those fundy preachers would have to give up all their polyester suits; clutch the pearls! They'd have to give up bacon for breakfast and they'd have to forego lobster dinners as well. Oh dear.

Anyway, hiv denialist also cherry-pick, but they do it with the scientific facts of hiv. They use outdated information as well (hello, fundies swear by a book that was written thousands of years ago, and re-written by men with a political agenda) and they totally ignore how the death rates for people living with hiv have plummeted since the advent of HAART in 1996.

They still harp on about how AZT contributed to deaths back in the 80s and early 90s when people were given extremely high doses of it. For goodness sake, even ultra-high doses of aspirin will kill people if taken on a daily basis. Hiv treatments have come a long way since the early 90s, but the denialist ignore that fact.

Are you aware that some of the most strident hiv denialist are hiv negative? Makes you wonder, eh?

Many of the hiv denialist who actually had hiv themselves are dead. There's a whole section of the website I linked you to that discusses some of the more well-known denialists who have died because of their misguided beliefs.

One of the most vocal hiv denialist even lost her three year old daughter to hiv because she refused to have her tested and treated. Hell, if she (Christine Maggiore) had accepted treatment herself, she could have prevented her daughter from being positive in the first place. Such a waste of life. Christine died not long after her daughter.

Denialists accuse those of us who know that hiv treatments save lives of celebrating the (preventable) deaths of denialists - but I for one do NOT celebrate those deaths. I mourn them. I regret that they died due to wilful ignorance. I view hiv denialist as murderers, but I still mourn when one of them dies due to their misguided beliefs.

There was a young man who used to post on these forums who had been swayed by denialists. He no longer posts here because he died. You can read his posting history here Such a needless waste. It really upsets me.

Tommy, I think you did the right thing in distancing yourself from this man who encouraged you to ignore your hiv. But if you still care about him - and I think you probably do - please try to get him to see sense. However, don't do that at your own expense. We can't save everyone, all we can do is try.


edited to fix a broken link - thank you to the person who pointed it out to me via PM :)

thank yo so much ann for your wisdom,,,it helps alot,,,,I JUST was reading about emery taylor so so sad.

thank you again


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