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Meds in Costa Rica and Nicaragua?


I will be spending several months in Costa Rica and Nicaragua soon. I'm wondering if my HIV meds are available there? If so, are they generic? How much do they cost? I'm assuming I'll need an in-country doctor to prescribe them as well. Any help would be much appreciated.

(I'm on Edurant and Epzicom that is Rilpivirine, Abacavir/Lamivudine.)

Jeff G:
Hi Ikkarus . I moved your thread into the appropriate forum so more people will see it and respond to it . Im sure somebody will be able to assist you in due time .

Welcome to the forums !

Miss Philicia:
Rilpivirine is very new (less than 2 years since approval in the US, 14 months in the EU) so, while I don't definitively know the answer, I am skeptical that you're going to find it in these countries. Definitely not a generic form.

I would most definitely love to travel with a complete supply of meds, but I simply cannot afford to do that all at one time. So, I'm stuck having them shipped from the US or buying them in-country. I'm going to be "in the jungle" most of the time so the sexy FedEx guy is unlikely to pull up to my tent with a box o' pills. I will be in Managua and San Jose and Liberia on occasion. I'm just trying to weigh my options at this point.


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