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Am I a LTS?

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I just found this forum also. I was diagnosed in 96, Im sure I was infected in 89. Am I LTS?

welcome to the forums robusto!
glad you found us. :)


--- Quote from: robusto on March 16, 2013, 06:49:52 PM ---I just found this forum also. I was diagnosed in 96, Im sure I was infected in 89. Am I LTS?

--- End quote ---

Hi Robusto, welcome to the forums.

Yes, you do qualify under the definition of an LTS we use here. You can find that definition in this sub-forum's Welcome Thread. Please read the entire Welcome Thread (and any other Welcome Threads that appear in various sub-forums), but the relevant part for you is this:

--- Quote from: AIDSmeds Forum Moderators on April 10, 2007, 09:26:16 AM ---
This forum is a safe place for long-term survivors (LTS), defined as people living with HIV who tested positive for the virus before the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in 1996.

--- End quote ---

As you were diagnosed in '96, you just qualify. :)


I guess I qualify too.  Diagnosed in 89, confident I was infected in late 86 or early 87.  Just read the thread about hitting the 30 year mark.  It really is amazing, from the bad old days of a single drug (AZT) for treatment to undetectable viral loads.  Any one take the big horse pill DDI tablets that needed to be dissolved first. Then who can forget the desperate search for a bathroom while driving.

Welcome, whodofla

YES I remember DDI, I used to crush it up, and mix it with half a glass of water

horrible stuff, started taking AZT in AUG of 87 and then added DDI in late 88/89

and YES, you really needed a bathroom, and an extra change of skivvies underwear

and if you wore a jock, like I did most of the time, you really needed to have an

extra pair of Levis-button-fly 501's.............aah memories, those were the days




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