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Travel to the tropics and yellow fever vaccine

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The American Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices says that yellow fever vaccine may be given to those with a CD4 count of 200+ traveling to high-risk areas.

UK HIV guidelines are similar.

Normal exclusions eg egg allergy, pregnancy/breastfeeding apply.

- matt

I've been talking to my ID doc about the Yellow Fever vaccine, because we are going on a safari in Tanzania next year (for my 50th....).  He has no issues with my having the shot because of my HIV -- however, he's not convinced that I need to have it.  It's not required for visiting Tanzania, only suggested and he doesn't think anyone should take it if you aren't going to an endemic area.
We will discuss a little more -- but I am leaning toward taking the shot anyway.


@newt and bocker:
Thanks for your input.
All the documents I have consulted so far online convince me I can safely have this vaccine. Even  the  Canada public health agency states that:

"Travellers thought to have mild to moderate degrees of immune suppression who will be at significant risk for acquiring YF (e.g., travel to an area of endemic or transitional transmission risk), should be offered YF vaccine and advised of the theoretical risks."....

... YF vaccine may be considered for people who have asymptomatic HIV infection and who are not severely immunosuppressed (i.e., CD4 count greater than 200 x 106/L) but vaccination should take place well in advance of travel in order to monitor potential adverse events, and antibody titres should be considered to assess efficacy of the vaccination. Persons with HIV respond suboptimally to YF vaccine with lower antibody titres, more often demonstrate non-protective titres, and may experience a more rapid decline in antibody titres following vaccination. Booster doses may be required."

so I will go ahead and argue my way into having my shot.


Hi all
Just wanted to update that I finally got my vaccine!...and even more. On same day got Vivaxim for Hep A and typhoid as well as boostrix-polio for tetanus, diphtheria , pertussis and polio.....The tropical disease specialist I saw had worked in the tropics and had experience with HIV pos patients. I found her really nice.

I also got prescriptions for mefloquine and ciprofloxocin to cover malaria and diarrhea.

I had no side effects, apart from the usual sore feeling at the site of the injection.

Happy here and finally set to  travel

you're all set   ;D

Enjoy your trip


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