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Travel to the tropics and yellow fever vaccine

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I am facing a small dilemma here.

I will be travelling to a tropical African country in the summer. Having a yellow fever vaccine is a MUST for entry.

My current health condition: Positive 6yrs now; no meds; CD4 740 and vl 600 (last tests february 11 2013). I saw my HIV doctor a week ago, and he does not recommend the vaccine for HIV + people, but then he said considering my numbers I can still get it.

I checked on a tropical disease centre web page and they seem to say nothing about the yellow fever vaccine and people with CD4 above 499.

Does anyone have any personal experiences with this or any info?

I know I can get a waiver, but then I also want to see if based on my numbers I am at no risk taking the vaccine. I have an appointment for end of March to meet with a Dr who specialises in tropical meds.


Hi there,

I had that same problem as well. One doctor said "yes" another said "no" another said "yes" ... so I went to the university for a consultation with a professor in tropical medicine   ;D

Result: when more than 600 CD4 you can have the vaccine.

Have a nice trip  !!!


Thanks a lot for your response ad2san

Great bit of info there, thanks.

Updates: Just got a call today from the nurse at the HIV clinic  telling me that my doctor is asking that I not take the vaccine. They are proposing to give me a waiver...knowing where I am going, this will make things even more complicated for me.
I am stuck here thinking I should just go to a travel clinic and get the damn vaccine and deal with the consequences!



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