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Maybe I am alone on this issue but time and time again I see so many new people posting that for one reason or another choose to not disclose their age on their profile. (location often helps as well but that is another topic)
It often can make a difference how others reply.
I in no way want to "judge" someone based on age but let's be honest...
years on the planet does usually affect experience and can effect the response.
Every age has advantages and disadvantages "generally" speaking and the only reason that I am bringing the topic up for discussion is that I think it might often (not always) help us all be more able to understand and communicate.
Just a suggestion. :)

that's a good point. i'd never thought of that. i updated my profile so now everyone will know i'm 25. i also found an avatar from one of my favorite ballets!  ;D

I will be celebrating my 65th birthday in July, my organs however will be celebrating their 70th on the same day... ;).

Jan :-*

Auntie Mitchypoo is here to help. ;D
Just thought it might be a good idea.
You can trust this mug of mine, no? ???

Miss Philicia:
Finally! Something great to masturbate to.


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