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San Diego


I arrived in town a few hours ago.  I am departing on a seven day cruise tomorrow to the Mexican Riviera (Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas) and returning to SD.  When I get back I am spending two additional days here.  I recall this city was our AMG runner up this year and now that I am in town I can see why it is such a popular place.  We certainly should keep this in mind for future AMG.

Still trying to work out my scheduling difficulty for Chicago but am optimistic that I will be able to attend.


Enjoy your trip Gary, come back relaxed and refreshed..have fun.

Jan :-*

San Diego is a wonderful city and would be great for an AMG.  Decent lodging can be very affordable, too.  I sure hope it'll be in many people's mind for next year's gathering! 

Gary your trip sounds like it will be so awesome! Have fun! Think about all us while you are whooping it up on the Mexican Riviera!!



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