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one of my dogs

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Yes she is a beautiful dog and so sweet too. Shes shedding so much now if i could spin her hair into yarn id be able to clothe a family of 10. Its really awful. I brush and brush her and its still just comes off in clumps. I have to vacuum at least twice a day.
 On our noon news here they have a vet that answers questions from callers. One lady called in asking how to keep her german shephard cooler in the summer. One thing the vet said is to clip or shave them. Has anyone ever tried that? She weighs over 100 and im sure if i tried to clip her and she wanted no part it would be a diaster. Probally look like she had mange...LOL

Any ideas

OOoooooOOOOoooo Good lookin lady!!!


( Bill is my servant )

Sorry no advice here :( until last November we had three dogs and shedding is something we just got used to.  Some days it seemed like we could vacuum to it three times a day.  I don't know if he would have any advice but you might want to try asking Ronald1958 because I know he has 2 white shepherds himself.

Thanks..if i ever see him on here i will be sure to ask him.


beautiful dog...i bet my doggie would want to play with your doggie.



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