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one of my dogs

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A real beauty Teresa.  ;D

What happened that she went blind?

About that shedding, I had a chowchow, Maxwell, way back when.  He was a very furry, and the shedding was ridiculous.  Big clumps of hair all over the house.  Anyway, one summer, and it was a hot one at that, I took him to the groomer.  I was asked if I would like the "lion" cut.  I had no idea what she was talking about, or rather I actually wasn't paying attention at the time, and I said, "Yeah, whatever..."  I returned about an hour later and when I saw Maxwell on top of the table and the groomer with a shaver in her hands I nearly flipped.  I was shocked as shit... Maxwell looked pathetic and I believe he had tears in his eyes as if saying, "Mommy, please get me away from this crazy lady. What's she doing to me?  I look awful."  I was dumbfounded, there was Maxwell, shaved...he looked so scrawny and the woman even left a mane and a little pompom on the tip of his tail.  He looked like an overgrown poodle, not like a lion.  It was horrible.  I was so embarrassed for Maxwell...he really looked pathetic.  Actually, I think I was more embarrassed for myself having to walk down the street with him.... :-[  And he wasn't happy with me... oh noooooo. :o

Anyway, later on I had found out that I never should have had that done.  I was told that chows need the fur to protect their skin from the sun in the summers and keep them warm in the winters.  Gee, I should have realized that knowing that chows prefer the cold, they were originally bred in Tibet, which is quite cold.  And then it turned out that he had "lupus."  Imagine that, I never thought a dog could get lupus and it's what killed him.  So, I'm under the thinking that I might have actually contributed to his death. :o :(

But, with your dog, I think the circumstances are quite different.  Maybe you could get her clipped, but I wouldn't go so far as to shaving her.  No way...

Sorry such a long story, but you brought back memories and I thank you for that.  I miss my Maxwell.

Its a genetic thing that caused her blindess. Theres nothing they can do for it. The vet said alot of german shephards and greyhounds are afflected with it. She does pretty good being blind. I dont change any furniture around so she does real good in the house. I have seen her run into a couple of trees a few times outside but shes always walking when she does so she hasnt got hurt. Now she has hurt me a couple of times running into me. Knocked me down once and im not a little person...5'8 and well  just say im no supermodel...LOL When she knocked me down she thought i wanted to play...

No i wouldnt shave her but i thought about clipping her but ive never clipped a dog before. She has short hair..just alot of it. I have a yorkiepoo thats going to the dogie parlor tomorrow so i will ask them.

Poor Maxwell...i bet he was humiliated.

Hey Teresa,

Friend of mine had a white shepard that had a shedding problem. He bought a special shedding comb (looked like something you used on a horse) that worked very well. It helps remove the undercoat that seems to perpetuate shedding. I never have heard of clipping a german shepard. Also there is a tar-based dog shampoo that is great for relieving itching in the can find all this stuff at your local pet store or online.

Scratch her ears for me.
Hal ;)

Thats what i use to brush her with...someone said it looked like a horse brush so im sure its the same thing. Im gonna ask the people at the doggy salon about it. If i do clip her i will send a pic of the results.



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