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Stupid question.

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For anyone who knows I have an unusual question.
I am doing an essay for english and will use this site as one of my sources, well two, for the HIV/AIDS part and also the HEP C part.
How do I do the citation for this site? 
Why can't they just have a little icon for citations?  It would make it so, so, so much easier

Michelle 8)

Miss Philicia:
I don't think a forum on the internet will be considered a credible source for an essay. You'd need to take whatever it is you're citing and find another source for it.

Citing something on a web forum is like citing something being said by an anonymous person standing on a street corner.

Denver Toad:
Philly is right, it's a wobbly citation. Could you use Tiny URL to shorten to a workable length?

How to cite a contribution to the
     Forum.  TESL Reading and Writing Forum.


Best place to look up how to cite any source is:

Purdue owl:

You can also use:
Son of Citation Machine to create citations in MLA or APA:

I have used both of these (mainly purdue) as part of grad school papers.


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