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C. Everett Koop, former US Surgeon General, dies at age 96...


Dr. Koop served under US President Reagan and spoke on the AIDS crisis.

Excerpt from the news article:

"...In the mid-1980s, the emerging AIDS epidemic was a high-profile target of vocal conservatives. Politicians and the religious right called for sweeping measures against those diagnosed with AIDS, including quarantine of patients, mandatory screening of homosexuals for the AIDS virus and a host of other measures that would victimize patients and keep the disease and the diseased hidden from public light.
But they did not reckon with Dr. C. Everett Koop, the religious and conservative surgeon general of the United States appointed by President Reagan. In October 1986, Koop issued a long, cogently written report on the imminent crisis arguing that "this silence [on AIDS] must end."
Viewed with horror by the right, the report called for the widespread use of condoms to halt the transmission of the virus and sex education for children as young as third-graders to promote "safe sex." Despite his own strong opposition to abortion, he recommended the procedure be mentioned among options for pregnant women with the AIDS virus..."

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