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--- Quote from: tednlou2 on March 27, 2013, 11:42:33 PM ---I totally get that.  But, there are people who say you absolutely cannot be infected via oral route.  And, some ridicule others for suggesting it could be possible in some situations--albeit very rare situations.

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Ted, is this the best possible forum to have this conversation? Start one in LIVING WITH, so as not to further hijack the purpose of both this thread and this part of the forum, which is to provide support and information. Squabbling about oral infection here provides little support to the OP, and puts me in the awkward position of defending scientific information that has been thoroughly discussed - and with YOU - for the five or so years since it has been made part of the LESSONS here.

And no one that I am aware of is saying that anything is impossible. That's not scientifically valid. I will say, however, that the circumstances around which HIV can be transmitted through receptive fellatio have yet to be ascertained outside the realm of theory, since no study that doesn't rely on anecdotal report has ever turned up such an infection.

The reason I try to keep discussions of this sort corralled in LIVING WITH is because here especially, in JUST TESTED, people are far too raw and often far too frightened to endure a side discussion, however relevant, which disrupts their paradigm. That's why I tend to be less active here, and more aggressive in my scientific stances over there. This part of the forum was designed for a reason - to give newly tested people a safe place before they dive into the learning curve.

As far as ridicule goes, report it when you see it. Don't engage, report.

Remember, whatever you think of someone here, chances are they are going through something that would likely flatten you.


--- Quote from: mecch on March 28, 2013, 08:27:03 AM ---
Sometimes you have to rip off a bandaid thats stuck, there's no alternative.

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Or you could be a bit more sensitive and let them slowly peel the bandaid off themselves.

I'm taking part in a study for newly infected people as we speak, and the nurse who is in charge of taking my blood said that in the 20 years that she's been doing HIV research that she's encountered 2 other people (plus myself) who have contracted the virus through oral sex.  She said that it is very very rare (obviously she's only seen it 3 times in 20 years) but it's possible.  Like some of you have already said on here, she said, you'd need the perfect conditions to all come together at the same time.  Unfortunately for some of us, that has happened. 

What I believe happened in my situation was that my immune system was already very much compromised.  I had a huge mold exposure back in 2008 when I moved into a new apartment.  I became very sick and had no idea what was wrong with me.  The doctors did tons of tests (including many hiv tests) and couldn't find anything wrong with me.  I went from being an extremely healthy 28 year old guy going to the gym 5 days a week to not being able to get out of bed in the morning. 

Eventually someone tipped me off it could be my environment making me sick and sure enough, I had a mold test done and the place was infested (came to find out that there had been extensive water damage in the building 2 years before I moved in).  I immediately moved out and my health began to improve.

Anyway, since this exposure I have never been the same health wise.  Constantly sick, brain fog, dizziness, new food intolerances, you name it.  I stopped going to the doctors because everytime I went they could never find anything wrong with me. They'd always order an hiv test, and I would roll my eyes at them because everytime they did it, it would come back negative.

Anyway I beleive this reduced immunity highly contributed to me catching HIV.  If you're immune system is functioning properly I think that your body is able to kill the virus right away, even if it does enter your system.  But if you immune system is compromised, which I know mine is, then I believe the virus has a much better chance of getting established in your body.

I don't want to argue whether or not it's possible to catch HIV through oral sex, I just want to say that I am living proof that it can happen and I beleive it does happen under the most unfortunate circumstances.

That being said, knowing what I know now, would I have started using condoms when performing oral sex....I don't think so.  It's kind of like when you go skydiving... you know there is a very small risk that something could and can go wrong but you do it anyway.
Just my two cents for what it's worth.


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