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Hello Everyone,

Almost a year ago I fell in love for the first time with an amazing man ... with him i felt so free and invincible and I felt like everything was going phenomenal ....we hadn't been intimate probably until 3 or 4 months into our relationship(oral sex only... I had never had anal sex before.. still haven't unfortunately lol) Then we decided that if were going to go any further in our relationship that we needed to get tested. I had never been tested before because I was under the impression that you couldn't catch HIV from performing oral sex... I was wrong and I ended up being positive ....i immediately told my guy about being positive and he's been by my side ever since... after months of trying to get back to me, we decided that were ready to try being intimate again  but before we could go any further I needed him to get tested once more ... though he previously came back negative  we had just had oral sex weeks prior so there was a chance that he could also be positive .. he got his test result yesterday and they came back positive....I just hate that he has to go through this I hate that I hadn't gotten tested before and I all I can do is blame myself ..sure he's holding strong about it but I just feel incredibly me out!!!!!! lol

Hello folks,

I tested positive as of 09/2012 (I'm 23 years old) and after six months its been incredibly hard to deal with....since I never thought to fully educate myself on HIV I have the stigma stuck in my head that I'm going to die young..even though I know that as long as i take my medication continue exercising and eat healthier foods I still find myself still fearful ... does anyone have any success stories they can share?... Am I the only one who has felt this way...?

Jeff G:
Hi Klehman and welcome to the forums .

I was wondering if you had a western blot test to confirm you do indeed have HIV .
I'm also going to move your other thread over into this one until you have become more acquainted with the forum . Thanks .

One thing you should consider is that transmission of HIV through oral sex is incredibly rare. 
If you believe you got HIV through oral sex, ok, so be it. Its not important.
Now you are feeling guilty because you believe that you transmitted HIV to your guy, again through oral sex.
This is getting to be a tall tale...

Listen, it is is highly highly unlikely your guy got HIV from having oral sex with you...

Do you two both have western blot HIV+ tests??? 

Also - one thing you could clarify - are you taking HIV medicine? Do you know your
numbers? You've been HIV+ 6 months - so what are your numbers....

Tall tale?????? Wow...I decided to open up and see of there was anyone out there that could relate to what I'm dealing with right now and pretty much you've called me a liar lol but before I remove myself from this forum let me make this clear....supposedly since I'm already carrying a gum disease and as of now Dallas Texas are finding that the strands of HIV in someones body is incredibly strong right now that's why I've gotten it....believe what you want to believe that's your business but how about the next time someone tells you there story you attempt to be less heartless  ;)


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