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What happens if a dose or two is missed of Stribild?


My son has been on Stribild for app. 3 months.  He had blood work in January which showed his viral load went from 10,000 to 20.  Excellent results!
He is out of meds as of today because of a problem with someone messing up the renewal of his hdap coverage.  He was approved as of last Friday, 2/22, but still no meds in the mail as of today. 
I can drive 100 miles to get the med today, but am hoping it comes tomorrow. Is it a concern if he misses one to two doses?
Forgive me if this has been asked many times, I'm new at this.

Jeff G:
If you are sure the meds will be there tomorrow I wouldn't sweat it too much .

Problems with resistance happen when more often when people fall below 90 - 95 adherence . I have had to stop meds for various reasons a few times and missing a dose now and then hasn't hurt in the run .

If you are not certain the meds will arrive tomorrow the 100 mile trip may be worth it though for peace of mind .

Thank you so much!  We just called the pharmacy and they have been shipped so hopefully they will be here tomorrow.  If not, we will make the drive to get them.


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