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LTS and "brain fog."

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--- Quote from: denb45 on February 27, 2013, 08:22:55 PM ---Yeah I do that a lot now, zone-out, Bob hates it when I check out on him like that :-[

he says "hello, hello, I'm talking to you Dennis, can you hear me"


--- End quote ---

Same thing here Den !  I zone out on Ed, and he's like " Hello, are you home ?"  :-\

But speaking of brains and brain fog, and everything else that we're dealing with, The following article came through yesterday on my email from Medical News Today :

AIDS Impairs The Ability To Recognize Emotions In Others
Main Category: HIV / AIDS
Also Included In: Psychology / Psychiatry
Article Date: 27 Feb 2013 - 1:00 PST

AIDS Impairs The Ability To Recognize Emotions In Others

People with HIV are less able to recognise facial emotion than non-infected people finds a study published in the launch edition of BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Psychology. Reduction in their ability to recognise fear in others is linked to a similar loss in immediate recall, while those with a lower general neurocognitive performance also had a reduced ability to recognise happiness.

The mechanism behind recognition of facial emotion is complex, involving many different areas of the brain, including the frontostriatal pathway and amygdala. The frontostriatal pathway is essential for learning and behavioural adaption, while the amygdale is involved in memory and emotion. The loss of this ability can be debilitating, impacting daily life and personal interactions.

Comparing people with HIV to a control group without HIV, researchers from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome discovered that from the six basic expressions of emotion (disgust, anger, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness) that fear is the most difficult emotion to recognise. People with HIV were less accurate in identifying fearful expressions than the controls and also tended to have difficulties in immediate recall of words indicating a link between the two.

People with a higher number of AIDS-related events, such as pneumonia, Kaposi's sarcoma, or tuberculosis, and people with neurocognitive problems in memory, attention and decision making, language and speed of mental processing, were less able to recognise happiness in others.

Dr Eleonora Baldonero, who led the study commented, "The severity of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders has been significantly reduced thanks to combination antiretroviral therapy. Nevertheless our research highlights a link between cognition and facial recognition and that AIDS-related events affect both. Understanding this on a individual level can help the long-term personal management of HIV."


I had friends that took sustiva and two of them had to stop because the cognitive problems scared the hell out of them. Another called me when he started taking it and made no sense, so I refused to take that. I live alone and cannot take a chance on not knowing what I'm doing, besides the fact that I can't stand anything messing with my head. A few years back my ID doc prescribed another one in that class of drugs, I think it was viramune, I got in the car and drove the 11 miles to the store and it seemed like everything was racing by me and I was only going 50mph. The same thing happened in the store, the isles seemed to be whizzing by me. I talked myself calm and made it home, then called the doc and said "I'm not taking this!" I don't know how anyone can handle that. My HIV seems to have a knack for mutating around the meds despite me being dilligent about taking them, so my options are down to almost nothing now, I'm on Isentriss,raltegrivir (that I think makes me foggy) and truvada, I tried Fuzeon, but it near killed me literally. This combo the passed 2 years has gotten the virus undet and my CD4s for the first time since 2000 over 300, but last week I learned viral load is at 1800 again and CD4s dropped slightly. I'm hoping it is because I got sick in Jan and my white count jumped up, maybe brought out the resting infected Cd4s and hopefully the meds will knock it back down. I can hope anyway lol. Sorry I started to ramble lol. Wait what were we talking about? No I don't have brain fog lmao

Anhedonia is a common diagnosis in our group, so empathizing with other folks isn't hard to understand. It seems I really seeded my CNS early (nadir CD4 12) as I've had brain fog since the beginning of my infection.

I've been stupid since birth, which really complicates the picture.


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