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Just had my first CD4 count (166) done at age 62 - can stress effect it??


Greetings to all from South Africa

Just received the news that my CD4 count is 166 - this is the first time it has been done since I tested poz in mid-2012.

Awaiting to hear back later today from HIV specialist who will fill me in on what is next - so, to say I am a little MORE stressed than usual would be an understatement.

The past year, especially, I have been under tremendous stress owing to business/economy/etc - and wonder just how badly this could have effected my CD4 count - as, apart from being a little fatigued (from the stress I assumed) I am, to all intents and purposes, for my age (62) very healthy.

Just a bit anxious down here!

hi the stress factor,,,can effect the immune system,,,with or without HIV,,but with HIV more so,,,but to avoid stress is very difficult,,,I tested positive in November2012,,but I KNOW I was infected in February,,, with what as they say worse flu every for 5 weeks solid,,,I WAS infected by my partner ,,then I had tremendous stress for months,,,but when I GOT tested my CD4 was 944,,,but I don't know what it was before.tom


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