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New insurance, crappy prescription plan


I recently relocated to Chicago.  I already miss my old presciption plan.

My new is an RX plan via Cigna.  I have a $125 deductible.  It also seems that to do a retail fill of a prescription for a 30-day supple is $275 for Truvada, $275 for Prezista, and $173 for Norvir. 

For a 3-month mail-rder supply of the above medications, I'd have to pay the $125 deductible plus $1178 all at once.  *blink*

I'm currently at a loss at what to do.  I'm a healthy guy in my early 30s, no other medical issues.  My viral load is suppressed on the current medications and I have a decent CD4 count. 

How the hell can my insurance coverage expect me to pay that?  Are there cheaper options/medications?

Also, I'm wondering if it might be cheaper in the long run to utilize COBRA coverage until I find a permanent job?  Does COBRA continue the same exact coverage that I had with my old job?

I'm currently a contractor, hence the not so great benefits.

Well, things aren't as dire as I initially thought.  Even for people with private insurance, and high copays, there is hope.

It started with Gilead's copay assistance program.  I think found the one for Prezista.  I was automatically enrolled for both, and the medications are free for up to a year.

I expect Norvir to be similar once my doctor fills out his part of the application and it's faxed.

A helpful link to these programs:


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