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Oh. My. God. or "The Wisdom of Miss P."

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Great news all round, glad things are starting to look up for you.

When you get to know Miss P, I mean really get to know him you will find out three very special thing about him.

1..when he right he's always right

2.. When he gives advise , take it.

3.. He is very epitome of snobbery, he only goes to the best of places with the best of people so always take his lead.
I'm glad they were able to help.


That's great news!!!!

I know your feelings exactly.  My current primary care/HIV provider is pretty consistently "Egyptian Monarch" but I've been to another one that was definitely "Anonymous Junkie Whore". 

My neurosurgeon's office is pretty much "AJH" but luckily I only have to see him one time a year these days (it was hell when I had to go once a week).

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: anniebc on February 25, 2013, 02:20:17 PM ---
3.. He is very epitome of snobbery, he only goes to the best of places with the best of people so always take his lead.

--- End quote ---

I highly advise you not to confuse snobbery with good taste.

So Oksikookoo -- was this that Center for Comprehensive Care place? You know, it opened up after I moved away from NYC but everything I've read/heard about it is great. I'm very pro-large clinic for HIV because it's less hassle and one-top-shopping for services, which is definitely beneficial to the newly diagnosed but it's helpful to even the bitter, worn out and used up LTSers like me. Such places didn't really exist back in the day, but I started going to one when I moved to Filthy (though we, unfortunately, don't have the dentist integrated). Plus CCC has an integrated pharmacy which is a big plus. Probably doesn't seem a big deal if you're only on one med, but trust me when you find yourself filling a dozen things every month it's great.

I could be wrong, but if I remember correctly this rose from the ash heap that was HIV care at the now closed St. Vincent's hospital in the West Village. I see from their web site that they now have not one but three locations, including one at St. Luke's in Morningside Heights. Is that the one you went to since it's close to where you just moved?

ps: I like when my name is in a thread title

It still blows my mind that two people can go to the same place for care and have such completely different experiences. At Sinai, my social worker has been nothing short of an angel. My doctor is wonderful. I started receiving vaccinations my first day there and have continued since. I was offered psychiatric care and counseling right away and consulted about dental care during the first month! i'm glad youre finally getting the royal treatment you deserve and sorry it took so long!


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