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Have not been here in some time and was thinking about the Forums and all the help it provided me back in 2007 when I was diagnosed so though I would stop by, say "hi" and give an update:  I've been working out like a fiend with a personal trainer - have now incorporated boxing into my workout 3x a week, have lost 22 lbs since November, cut my cholesterol from 212 to 141, blood pressure is normal, triglycerides are normal, viral load continues to be undetectable and the old CD4 count is around 714.  Hope all is well here.

that's what I LIKE TO HEAR,,hope more people read this,,,HIV is not a death sentence,,,medication is there use happy,....the same as you should if you didn't have HIV.

Hi Brook,

You checked out of the Forums about the time I checked In, so I dont remember you but way to go with all the exercise and good numbers. I'm jealous of your lipids.  :P

Check in more often.


Glad to read the good news.


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