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i am determined to untwigify myself.


yes yes I've made this commitment before but goddamnit, I am more determined now as I have a boyfriend who I am embarrassed to even let see me shirtless so I have convinced myself I need to work on being less..


.. scrawny.  :(

I've always been scrawny and I dont' know if I even have it in me much to actually look (what my definition is of) good. I'm not looking for unrealistic... whatever. just. I dunno. I need advice. I actually consider myself a pretty good weight now compared to when I was really underweight. I'm a bit under 120lbs (like 116 or 117) and I'm like 5'5". And I think that's pretty decent. so with exercising and things like that unlike a lot of people I'm not looking to LOSE any weight, but just.. i dunno. It's really damn hard to explain.

I walk a lot in my everyday life now. Which I've been told is very good. I walk almost everywhere. to school, back from school, to the store, to go to eat, to the park, to rent movies, blah blah blah. the only time im ever in a car now is when we have to go somewhere out of town.

and as a result I'm actually not that disappointed with my legs anymore. O.o;. basically! things of that nature. I have terribly embarrassing arms though and the rest of me resembles like a ten year old =( so please help me. I will give you a hug. =(

advice for diet and things lik ethat would be good too :3 if it'll help.

Hey Jaser,

First, I want you to remember that it is what is inside your heart that counts.

Second, you may want to figure out a healthy way to build your muscle mass. If you are not certain, you may want to check with your Doctor on some tips that you can use.

Third, after you have developed an action plan for your muscle mass, you will want to somehow work out a routine to get to the gym to work out with the free weights. If not, you can start with push-ups and sit-ups and work your way into it.

I hope this is of some assistance to you. Others may have a different perspective on this.

Make the BEST of each Day!

Hi Mouse,

maybe before you start becoming a muscle man: did you realise your bf fell for you the way you are now?



p.s. Listen to the song "Just the way you are" by Billy JoŽl

Weight wise, you not doing  too bad - 20 BMI, so guess the focus is more on building muscle mass, and hanging on to the weight you’ve got back.
Diet wise - little and often, like 5 or 6 small meals a day, with lots of protein and complex carbohydrates. Gonna assume, for some reason, that yr veggie - if not, say..
So, things like eggs, cheese, houmous, beans, nuts, seeds, yogurt, quorn on the protein front ..
Carbs-wise, things like pasta (wholemeal if possible), rice, quinoa, oats, couscous, wholemeal bread/interesting bagels…

Snacks, do things like trail mix with cheerios, nuts, sunflower seeds, dried fruit (maybe a few m&m’s could find their way into the bag too..)
Houmous with little mini pitta breads, or vegetable stickies
Cereal/energy bars
Yogurt with some dried fruit and nuts
Cheese & crackers, peanut butter sandwiches….etc

And then proper food for breakfast, lunch and tea..drink plenty, milky drinks/smoothies etc are good for energy and weight too.

Exercise, walking is good, helps the bone density, but good to get some variety, try something new…need to find something you like doing - maybe that  new boy/other friends  would join in with too? If the gym appeals, by all means go for it, but if you anything like me, you gonna get bored, v.quickly..
You like…swimming? Cycling? (like, proper mtb, not just up the road to get a paper) Roller blading? Rock-climbing ? (if you could find an indoor climbing wall nr you, bet you’d love this) canoeing? Archery? Martial arts?

Point is, it needs to be something(s) fun, as well as good for you, and a sustained effort, like 3+ times a week - if you gonna do gym etc, make sure someone assesses you, works out a program - no going overboard please.

I decided to accept, some years ago, that I was unlikely to ever be big and butch. So, I am long & lean & fabulous. Plus, I know that I am superior to stocky, muscular people, cos when we were all in the caves, I would have been the one making important decisions, scouting out new territory - not clubbing some wild animal over the head and grunting  :)


ps - something tells me he’s prob having a v. similar  convo with his own mates, eh?


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