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Less than 2 weeks since positive diagnoses

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--- Quote from: actonye on April 03, 2013, 08:41:28 AM ---
A few of the combos you've mentioned are not available here in ireland.

--- End quote ---

It might be that you're not recognising the trade names. In the UK and Europe, doctors tend to use the generic names rather than the equivalent brand names.

Prezista = darunavir

Reyataz = atazanavir

Norvir = ritonavir

Truvada = tenofovir + emtricitabine (emtricitabine is also sometimes called FTC)

Just wanted to chime in that I also take Prezista, Truvada, & Norvir.  My ID dr said it was a pretty effective combination.  It has been working for me.

DX 1/25/13
2/5/13 CD4 53 VL 380,000
3/7/13 CD4 151 V: 1437
Feeling better everyday!

Hows things Iam living in Sligo, I'am on the same combo works very well for me.


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