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diarrhea helppp!!

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He probably have cryptosporidiosis (parasite)  which happens for people cd4 lower than 100 , i have it for two and i started my meds two days ago and its still , my doctor said when my cd4 is above 100, it will go away .its very annoying watery diarrhea all the time plus loding weight , but we have to wait .

hey guys,thanks for the dad has been given atripla and nothing for the diarrhea,am thankful though, his toilet visits are down to 2 per day,which is normal i guess...but it is still waterly....this forum has given me alot of strength,was really confused.With prayers and faith everything is blessed everyone!

I'm glad someone else brought this up.  I have been experiencing this since February and have had lab work done, an endoscopy, and a colonoscopy done.  All tests came back negative and I am still having problems.  Not to mention about $1500 that I have to pay after insurance (thank god for that).  I have been on Atripla for approximately 5 years now.  Could the Atripla be affecting me after all this time?  I see my doctor next week and want to discuss the next plan.  I just can't afford much more in medical bills.

Maybe look at his diet. Try avoiding gluten and see if that helps. Also, dairy. Not to mention refined, processed food.

Miss Philicia:
I would hope that if he was gluten-intolerant they would have tested for that.


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