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diarrhea helppp!!

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The is a difference between gluten allergy, which can be tested for, and gluten intolerance which can't be tested for, just observed through trying and avoiding gluten.

Miss Philicia:


--- Quote from: Susan on July 26, 2013, 04:18:53 PM ---Maybe look at his diet. Try avoiding gluten and see if that helps. Also, dairy. Not to mention refined, processed food.

--- End quote ---
Who are you responding to?  The OP, who posted months ago, about his dad, who sounds like he has AIDS?  Or Decayingsinner...  ?

Decayingsinner, don't be shy or embarrassed about starting your own diarrhea thread.

As you can see, when you piggy-back on someone else's thread, particularly an older thread such as this, people often don't realise there's been a new concern from another poster and will respond to the OP (OP = original poster) instead of you.

There's been plenty of diarrhea threads over the years - we positively love them here. No, really, we do. ;D

If you put "diarrhea" in the site's search engine, you'll find plenty of discussions about it. If you don't find satisfactory answers to your own particular concerns, by all means, start a new thread. We can never have too many dire-rear threads around here. It goes with the poz territory. ;)


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