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diarrhea helppp!!

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so, my 57 years old dad been diagnosed with hiv 3 days ago,but he has has chronic diarrhea for the past 3 month,over the counter pills wont work with him...he is to start the ARVs in 2 days,he is 6'1 he weighs only 54kgs and his cd4  count is 76...pls help,am new do i stop the diarrhea?

Miss Philicia:
When you say "over the counter doesn't work" what exactly has he used and in what dose?

hello,thanx for your reply(excuse my english,am from africa,english is my second language)....prior his diagnosis,he has had the diarrhea,my sisters had him see a doctor for the diarrhea...he was given different pills for all the different visits,the doctor kept on changing but they all did not work,he didnt get better(i dont know what exactly he was given)

Miss Philicia:
Good thing is that he will see the doctor in 2 days, as this could possibly be due to something other than HIV like a parasite. Just make sure you emphasize to the doctor the actual severity of the diarrhea (maybe make notes of it -- consistency and frequency, etc.). Hopefully the doctor will take a stool test and rule out other causes, and in the interim find something that actually works to halt the issue.

Jeff G:
Hi confused , I have moved and merged your question into one thread . You don't need to start multiple threads for your question so please post your questions about this subject in this thread . Thanks , Jeff .


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