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Jeff G:
Hi Tommy and welcome to the Forum .

JK's statement about our lessons section and guiding your friend here bears repeating , its excellent advice . I have seen many people come into the forum full of fear and quickly turn all the fear and uncertainty into empowerment once they have the knowledge to make sound health care decisions .

Im wishing you two the best of health and luck . Jeff . 

than you so much,,I have just found the site,,,will leave it open for my partner to snoop.
its wonderful I HAVE NEVER so open ,,its a release.

thanks again


--- Quote from: tommytj on February 23, 2013, 03:18:24 PM ---YOUR RIGHT,,,he has no rational thoughts,,now I never argue anymore ,,its a total waste of time,,,but I will be there for him if and when he gets sick.
I'm not on meds yet that will be decided in April,,I'm a little scared,,but prepared for the out come.
wow you made a big come back ,,from 12 well done,,and may it continue ; ;)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the kind words! It took me about five years to get it back up, but all it takes is three pills in the morning and four at night for me. No lipo, neuropathy, and most importantly, no being sick.

I have to tell you, I went through a dark patch for a few years after my Dad died. Stopped taking my meds, made some pretty reckless choices, and stressed my friends out something awful. The pneumonia, which was inevitable, didn't come on all at once. Took over a year to fully manifest. Went from going to the gym three times a week to having to rest on the way back from the mailbox. My life slowly just closed in around me, and I was just too sad and sick to notice or really care. The weeks I spent in the hospital (when I finally called my best friend one night at two in the morning because I could not get out of the bathtub) started a whole lot of healing.

It was during that time when I finally opened my eyes and saw the pain and grief and frustration in the faces of the people who loved me. And that I wasn't just letting myself down, but these people as well. I am lucky I didn't lost them, though I am sure I came pretty close. Thing is, my family and friends need me. I am helping take care of an elderly mom, have a boyfriend who has had serious health issues (not HIV related) and needed months of caregiving last year. And none of this would have been possible had I selfishly remained off meds, choosing helplessness over empowerment.

It's a seductive choice, that. But the consequences are horrific. I just wanted you to know that I wasn't judging your partner from some sort of self righteous place. I really do know how it feels, and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

you have been there,,and know what happens,,,wish my partner could read your words,,you are an inspiration to others,,,

i'm so sorry to hear about your partner. does he realize that AIDS wont do much to help his looks in the long run? wasting and lesions arent very cute on anyone. hopefully he'll see you as a positive example and start treatment. you are a very loyal partner to stick with him and try to help him. i cant imagine how difficult that must be. take advantage of all the wisdom on these forums and good luck with trying to help him out, i really hope he listens to you.


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