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I don't have much to add. Perhaps a different spin using different words but what comes across as sad to me is that this disease is manageable IF it is treated. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to HIV/AIDS.

thank you all,,to be able to be open say how I feel,, it is so much easier to speak to people who are on the same boat,,my friends are great,,,but I FEEL I have burdened them enough with this problem,,they don't understand how I CAN stay with a man ,,who doesn't respect his health and his life,,,,and does not respect the man who loves him,,he has been positive for 12 years ,and no medication,I LOOK AT HIM EVERY DAY,, thinking is today the day,,,every time he coughs,or has the cold,,,but just keep silent,,,in case he loses his temper,,sometimes I feel guilty for being silent,,at the moment I have to concentrate on my HIV,,he never mentions it,,,he has not even asked the results of my CD4 or viral load,,,that hurts,,,I don't want his sympathy,,,I just want a little support,,,,tom



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