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anyone got Cryptosporidiosis (crypto) ?


Hey i am newly diagnosed with hiv , but i was a little late living in denial. My cd4 is 44 , viral load not out yet . Yesterday i started my first pill . im a little worried . as my cd4 increase crypto will be reduced .
I want to ask anyone experienced crypto ? How long till he get rid of it ? Did they take alinia( nitozaxanide) with it ?bwill it cure it ?

I don't believe there is any scientific evidence that Nitozaxanide assists with treatment for Cyrpto. 

Most people rid the parasite after a brief period but your weakened immune system is delaying this.  Staying hyrdrated and increasing your CD4's is the recommended course.  Adding an anti diarrhea medication might also be needed to reduce dehydration.

Take care and best wishes.


Thanks for the reply , i read somewhere that parasite will stop when cd4 is above , how long do u think it take to jump to above 100 ?  Cd4 is 44 and yesterday staryed viraday .

To steal someone else's comment;  "how long is a piece of rope"?

There are too many variables to accurately predict the course of your CD4 increase.  Length of infection, VL, genetics...etc. 

Some respond quickly to medication and have awesome results quickly, while others of us take a LONG time to reach ok numbers. 

I was in the hospital for almost 2 months with Cryptosporidium Muris. Was treated with Paromomycin (Humatin). Doctors told me that the Paromomycine was their last "rabbit in the hat" .   I'm talking about 1996.


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