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stribild rash?


Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has rash issues with stribild.  I switched from Isentress and Truvada to stribild just three months ago.  Thanks for info.

are you experiencing a rash or just worried about getting one? from what i've gathered rashes are mostly common during the first month or so on new meds. 3 months seems like too long for that. my doctor told me to contact her right away if i got a rash from stribild, so maybe you should contact yours?

Hey gingin- I was on Atripla but was switched to Stribild about 2 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with ringworm but have taken an anti-fungal that seemed to clear up some of the rash I had but not all of it.

I'm thinking my rash may be from the med switch but can't get in to see my ID until next month so I guess I'm stuck living with it. Maybe by then it'll go away and I won't have to worry about it?! Sounds like it may be an issue of timing and hoping that it goes away once my body adjusts (I hope).

Not to get too personal but where is your rash happening? Mine is in the creases of my legs and on my scrotum. I checked to see if it could be anything like crabs but there's just nothing there, yet it itches like crazy. Sometimes the rash even gets heated and red and the rash bumps stand up and make a nasty looking pattern.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi, my rash is on my upper thighs, doesn't itch but bright red at night after my med.  Next morning only slight red,  I won't see my ID doc until 2 more months, so guess I am living with it.  Take care


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