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Thanks Tadeys.

I should of remembered this study as it is on a site I go to periodically.

These were in CD34 cells, which acts as an adhesion molecule and binds CD62L or something called L-selectin. The receptor is found in precursors of hematopoietic cells, and endothelial cells in lymph glands.

Yeah it is damn confusing, for instance the text I reference often didn't have any information on this CD133 receptor (last edition 2012), whose function remains unknown. Without having access to the full paper one can't say with certainty what additional CD markers were present.

During Hemtopoises cells start out first as stem cells with universal potential, then advance to becoming multipotent followed by cells with unipotential before becoming the committed precursors and late differentiated and mature blood cells that we all know. The virus was found in what they call a unipotent lineage so my guess is this is downstream of actual stem cells with universal potential, which is a good thing as it narrows down which cell lineage harbors HIV.

CD stands for clusters of differentiation and we've already identified hundreds. My text goes up to CD363!

As it often goes in science we have seemingly conflicting results which will only get sorted out over time, and of course repeating the experiments over and over.

Plenty of diagrams of the process on the net. I even googled Hematopoiesis for Dummies in the hope they could make better sense out of the process than brain damaged me.

" I even googled Hematopoiesis for Dummies in the hope they could make better sense out of the process than brain damaged me."

Don't worry. I am medical doctor. One would think that we KNOW this stuff. In med School we take a very basic immunology course...and 75% of what we learn, we forget. :)

As a bench researcher/lab supervisor I had trouble keeping up with what was going on the next bench. I knew a few physician scientists but they are a rare breed and if they are both, their families  can suffer-as demanding as both jobs are. Our daughter is a physician.

I don't know if you saw an earlier comment that I made in one of the forums, but I'm schlepping Abul Abbas's text, "Cellular and Molecular Immunology," which you may have used. I started reading it in 1991 and I'm now reading the 7Th edition-and I still don't know a fraction of what I'd like to know.

Tadeys, check out my other thread on innate immune responses and the review I posted. I've got CD8's coming out my ears and I still haven't eradicated this bastard. I think any functional cure has got to involve tweaking our innate immune response, possibly by silencing integrated DNA through methylation. Of course it is tricky because HIV grabs and incorporates NFkb, a key transcription factor, into it's promoter region. 


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