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Shall we switch to Stribild?

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--- Quote from: TechDude on February 21, 2013, 10:46:33 AM ---I am on the same boat but for different reasons. I am currently taking Atripla and been UD for a while. The doctor has seen mild liver inflammation through the blood work. The alkaline phosphatase is slowly going up and it was at 199 and the ALT is at 118.

Right now it's fine, but if the numbers keep rising, I would have to switch. Should I stick with the regimen and wait and see? If I do that, what numbers would I be looking for before I had to switch?   If I did switch over now, what would be the side effects I would be experiencing?

Thanks in advance, Mano.

--- End quote ---

I think Ann's comment is bang on the money. Even if you don't have hep. have you had it in the past? I've never been aware of having had heb B, but when I was diagnosed they spotted that I have natural immunity, so I have presumably had it at some point in the distant past and that has left me with a slightly elevated ALT.

On the specific question posted by the OP, I am always dubious about the rush to switch to the latest and greatest drug, with fewer side-effects. Over time the side-effects invariably come crawling out of the woodwork and they are rarely as great as the hype and early adopters swear they are.

Thanks for the replies folks and the science and experiences shared. I think I need to do some more research around the CD4 boosting prospects with a med switch.

Cojo, the fact that you are able to start with Truvada Isentress, and do well is great. I started on Sustiva, Truvada, and yickes! the Sustiva is an ass kicker.

I did move to TnI and did well with my CD4 in the high 400s and Viral Load UD.
but I took all my Isentress at night which is not recommended but it worked for me. When I took the 1 Isentress in the morning and the other at night my days where tough because it made me so tired.

If you change to Stribild you should fill the same as you do now, most likely better. And like said before if you dont you can always go back. 

I think a lot of doctors are recomending switching to Striblid because it is working so well for so many people.

Despite the saying if it isnt broke dont fix it, I think it is also time to take advantage of the next generation of new drugs.  The horse and buggie still works, but a car is much better.

For me personally switching to the quad is the best thing I have ever done..

I was back and forth between atripla and complera, now on the quad I feel so much better than I did on either one of those.

 This thread raises questions for me. 

What correlation is there between medication and CD4 counts?  My understanding is the medications attack the virus directly, at several different points, thus not allowing the virus to infect CD4 cells.  It is also my understanding that there are many things unrelated to HIV that effect your CD4 IE normal colds, poor health habits, stress, etc.  I do not understand how changing med would help your CD4 count if the current medications are keeping the HIV under control?

I only been on medication since 02/13

I started with Complera and had some minimal sides. (Head felt foggy, sleeplessness, diarrhea, and anxiety for a 4-5days) I end up having a resistance to Rilpivirine so we switched to Stirbild.  Been using Stirbild since 03/01 and had similar side, other than diarrhea lasted up until a few days ago, whereas it had disappeared in a couple day after the start of Complera.

This is all new to me and all I can do is share whatís going on with me, as another poster was trying to do in this thread. My experiences are not the same as the original poster, however I  can relay to the OP what short term side effect that I have seen with a drug they are considering using as well as the "lurkers" out there that are reading and don't post. 

I have another appointment tomorrow for more blood work.  I seem to be responding to these medications. However I have no idea what long term effects are going to be.  This is a new area where I'm trying to learn and gain more knowledge in, as there appears to be a lot of misinformation or outdated information out there. 

Too the OP if your current medication are working well and you feel good and your not experiencing side why change?  What are your pros and cons. 

Anyway just my 2cent for what itís worth  :)


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